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About Adversity Coaching

What it is:

Unfortunately life doesn't always go as planned. We work hard and try our best to achieve success and be happy, but along the way we encounter many obstacles. We get faced with adversity, and all the emotions that go with it. 

Adversity Coaching is about guiding you through your specific difficult situation so that you can regain and strengthen yourself and find your own way forward again. It is about dealing with setback, disappointment, inner conflict and complicated emotions, so you can resume or rebuild your own path to a better future. Along the way you will become (more) aware of - and (re) commit to - your personal needs and strengths. You will set strategic goals for yourself and take the necessary steps to achieve success.

How it can benefit you:

Adversity Coaching can help you to to endure and ultimately overcome your personal struggle. You will work on getting more clarity, focus and (self-) confidence. Which will lead to more inner peace, energy, success and happiness.


Handle Adversity

Adversity Coaching helps you face and deal with the difficult situations in your life such as setback or disappointment, (inner) conflict, stress, loss and other complicated emotions.

Become Aware

Adversity Coaching helps you to identify your deeper needs and personal strengths which will help you to find the motivation and leadership you need to hold on. 

Push through

Adversity Coaching is action oriented and leads you to positive change by helping you to push through your struggle and to stay focussed on your goals. 

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About me

I was born in 1975 in The Netherlands and hold a Master's degree in Psychology from the University of Amsterdam. I am also a certified Trainer and Mediator. Since 1996 I work internationally as...


"My colleague Lennart is a highly experienced trainer and coach. He has an incredible talent for coaching, mediating and teambuilding. He is however foremost a great person, authentic...

New Book!

I just published a book about how we deal with the difficult situations in life like adversity and inner conflict. It is based on my extensive experience with coaching and training people...


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